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Chingona Mothers Day Edition Was a Success!

Our Mothers Day event was a success, get a sneak peak of the fun that our Mammacitas had creating their succulent masterpieces. We provided the Mom-mosas, succulents, paint, and mommas came pouring in. Our moms and their loved ones spent a lovely afternoon, creating their custom art our instructor and founder provided guidance along the way in Spanish as requested by our guest. The event went off without a hitch while our lovely guest enjoyed, vegan ceviche, mimosa's and cupcakes both vegan and non-vegan provided by La Catrina Cupcakes. Book your own Garden Party today for an experience similar to what you see above. Here is a look at what fun you can bring to your home.   View the full gallery...

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Your Guide To Succulents Free E-Book

You have your succulent, and you are ready to let your babies grow but need some tips? Linked below is your guide to caring for your little succulent friend. Click the link to open and download Guide to Succulents Some of Our Favorite Tips Water your succulents moderately. DIY soil to create maximum drainage. If your soil is moist, do not water your succulents. That's all from us at The L.A. Garden. Don't let fear of messing up stop you from creating your masterpiece; it is all trial and error.

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