Our Story

Founder Dianna Martinez had her light bulb moment on May 5th of 2017 with a literal light bulb. She decided to take a leap of faith and leave her day job to create what we know today as The L.A. Garden or TLAG for short. As time progressed so did her ideas. She began to think out of the box and created her first "cajita" featuring her highly acclaimed succulent arrangements and customized Latin-inspired art.

There is no limit to how much her ideas have grown, she continues to develop new product ideas every day expanding her collections. With custom arrangements and unique items that have garnered the attention of many at events like Molcajete Dominguero and the 323 Night Market.

We asked Dianna, what her advice was for anyone wanting to take a leap of faith, on their entrepreneurial journey,

"There will be a point in time in your life where you will have to make this transition, just do it!"


-Dianna Martinez